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What is Hypnotherapy?

"Hypnotherapy uses a deep state of relaxation to help change your thinking for the better”

Hypnotherapy involves more than just hypnosis. Hypnosis itself does nothing other than help you to feel really relaxed. In this relaxed state you are able to more fully communicate with your therapist and are often more willing to discuss the problems and issues that you’re facing and feel more confident that your problems and feelings are being respectfully addressed.

Hypnotherapy itself comes in two different forms. The first most commonly used is referred to as Suggestion Therapy.

Suggestion Therapy

This form of therapy is ideal for helping to cope with problems and situations such as driving test nerves, exam fears, smoking, nail biting, some weight-control issues, stress, building self esteem, confidence and many other problems besides. Suggestion Therapy involves the use of positively worded statements and suggestions that are designed to take hold in the subconscious mind and are then integrated into the mind. These suggestions, which may take the form of a story or positive imagery, are worded in such a way that you ‘know’ they are beneficial to you. It is also important to be aware that no one can use hypnosis to put a negative idea into your mind. You will reject any such idea. It is only positive ideas, thoughts and suggestions that will take root. The Hypnotherapist may repeat the same metaphor story a number of times, over consecutive sessions, or they may use a different one each time, either way they are designed to help and be beneficial to you.

The second main form of Hypnotherapy is ‘analytical hypnotherapy’, also known as Hypnoanalysis

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