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What is Hypnosis?
“It's about being relaxed”

An overview

Unfortunately, there are misunderstandings and fears connected to the word ‘hypnosis’, however, these concerns are totally undeserved. 

Hypnosis is usually brought about by the use of the Hypnotherapist's voice, though you are unlikely to actually feel hypnotised. There is no such thing as the 'hypnotised feeling' though many people find that they are far more alert than usual - you will certainly still be in control the whole time and you cannot be manipulated in any way.

You are not 'unconscious', you are completely aware of what is happening the whole time, and you cannot be made to do anything that they do not want to do. A person experiencing hypnosis is awake and aware of all that is happening around them, aware of themselves, and the therapist, and you will remember everything that we talk about

Hypnosis, a totally natural phenomenon, is simply a very comfortable and relaxed state, during which it is quite easy to converse with the therapist. Almost anyone can be easily hypnotised, with the exception of very young children, and anybody under the influence of either hard drugs or alcohol. Hypnosis is also not advisable for anyone with a diagnosed psychological disorder that is medical in nature (Any illness that stems from a neurological problem)

Hypnotherapy is a reliable and safe form of therapy that is centuries old and is recognised by many branches of modern medicine as a valuable alternative to drugs, to accelerate healing, and to help deal with pain.

Whilst not a ‘cure-all’ for all ills, hypnotherapy can certainly be an effective treatment method for a wide variety of problems and issues.

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