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What is Hypnoanalysis?

"Hypnoanalysis is a far deeper form of hypnotherapy."

Hypnoanalysis, based on the work of the Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and Analytical Psychologist Carl Jung really is the pinnacle of Hypnotherapy.

Hypnoanalysis enables you and your therapist to really investigate in detail the nature of the issues and problem so we are able to access what it is that’s really getting in the way of you enjoying your life to the full. It may be that the original cause of the problem is deeply buried in your subconscious and not something that you can consciously remember when you even try to think about. This may be because it occurred when you were young, or it was too traumatic and your mind has buried it deep. 

Whatever the cause; the effect will occasionally surface and you find yourself reacting in ways that you don’t fully understand, has an affect that is uncomfortable and occasions where you find yourself unhappy with your own reaction. If this is the case then Hypnoanalysis is the way forward giving you the chance to finally shed the hidden emotional response that’s still affecting you.

The aim of Hypnoanalysis is to reintegrate those memories that are causing you problems. Hypnoanalysis does not remove the memory. However, Hypnoanalysis can help you free yourself from the impact of the memory and thus allow it to fade into the background, no longer affecting your life.

Hypnoanalysis can only recover lost memories; it does not and indeed cannot, create a memory that was not there in the first place, but it is one of the most effective methods for dealing with painful memories of the past, even if you don’t fully remember the experience now.

Hypnoanalysis accesses uncomfortable memories, but it can also help to restructure the subconscious. This may sound a little odd but it essentially means changing your subconscious perception of events, removing and releasing negative thinking and effectively replacing them with positive, self affirming beliefs. (This form of therapy is sometimes called ‘Analytic HypnoTherpay’ – being closer to the work pioneered by Dr. Carl Jung.)  

You really can free yourself of the effects of uncomfortable memories and feelings for good.

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